Little Foodies

10:30 - 11:3012 - 13:3014:00 - 15:00
TuesdayNo ClassesMembers Lunch ClubNo Classes
Wednesday11:30- 12:30Halloween Cooking Party11:30-12:30
ThursdayNo ClassesMembers Lunch ClubNo Classes
FridayNo ClassesMembers Lunch ClubNo Classes


Children learn about food and nutrition in a fun and engaging way. Making healthy food to eat, exploring ingredients and learning new recipes. Perfect for budding chefs or fussy eaters. For ages 2 years and above.


Lunch Club Members

Attending one of our Little Foodies classes makes you a member for that week. Members can enjoy access to our child friendly classroom for a stress free lunch and invite up to three friends.


How to book

Send us a private message Facebook.

Pop in the shop.

Call us on 01858 468 568 to pay over the phone.

We ask for classes to be booked 24 hours in advance.

All classes cost £6 per child